Hiroe Araki - Kerr


Hi, my name is Hiroe and I am a Freelance Graphic Designer and Product Planner with experience across a range of various sectors

I would love to work with you and help create and / or build your brand further

As a Graphic Designer I am proficient in logo, brochure, packaging and product design with a focus on developing a recognisable brand identity

for each of my clients.

During my years in Japan I also worked as a product planner and have experience in conducting market research and creating product specification sheets 


I look forward to hearing from you



Work Experience


               CurrentGraphic Design 

                          ( Works for NZ Council, Small Businesses, few japan based company )

          Flax Weaving

                                  ( Hand woven products are available at gallery shops in NZ, Online shop )

                      2015Inhouse Graphic Designer at Copyrights Asia Ltd, Tokyo, Japan

            2014 Freelance Designer, English student, Working Holiday in Sydney, Melbourne 

            2012English Student in Fiji

            2010Graphic Designer at Dentsu Tec Ltd, Tokyo, Japan

            2008~ Graphic Designer at Make Merry Company Ltd, Tokyo, Japan

            2003Intimate Apparel Designer / Planner at Kanebo Ltd, Tokyo, Japan

            2001 Graduated  Tokyo Kasei University of college Dress art department



Production Environment :   Mac, Bush

         Software                        :     Illustrator, Photoshop, Flax







その後 グラフィックデザイナーに転向、広告デザイン会社数社、国際版権会社のインハウスデザイナーとして経験を積みました。